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If you’ve updated your driver with Driver Easy but your driver issues persist, please contact Driver Easy’s support team at for advice. You should attach the URL of this article so they can help you better. Although the Ware is accessible worldwide, not all features of the Ware may be available to all persons or in all geographic locations, or appropriate or available for use outside the United States. J5create reserves the right to limit, in its sole discretion, the provision and quantity of any feature to any person or geographic area. If you choose to access the Ware from outside the United States, You do so on your own initiative and You are solely responsible for complying with applicable local laws. At the 2015 Ignite conference, Microsoft employee Jerry Nixon stated that Windows 10 would be the “last version of Windows”, a statement that Microsoft confirmed was “reflective” of its view.

There navigate to the Details tab and select Hardware Ids in Property. You may copy the value field to clipboard and search the driver that way. Having found out the device name and model/series, the best option is to look up a driver on the manufacturer’s official website (.zip or .exe). Some of them will not be available, or it might be the case that Device Manager only gives a general type of device, e.g. Avast Driver Updater for Windows automatically scans, updates, and fixes your PC drivers in just one click. This shows that there’s something wrong with the device.

Acer SP513-54N Userguide

Unfortunately, that would mean another reload. “Error -16 is – device busy” and it’s something about the “TPM , feature which implements cryptographic keys storage, used to improve security for technologies such as bitlocker.” The result in the end Nvidia driver doesn’t load I can’t boot into the OS and can’t access the OS anymore. Please correct me if I’m wrong here but as far as I unterstood the nouveau drivers which comes which RHEL7 isn’t really optimal for graphical purposes. Increase visibility into IT operations to detect and resolve technical issues before they impact your business. In my case, rolling back the driver for “ACER Composite ADB Interface” (which appeared under something like “ACER device”) did the job.

  • And if you’re looking for a full list of fixes in this driver, for previously-reported issues, head here.
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  • This can cause errors or conflicts like no sound from the Acer laptop, Acer wireless not working, Acer driver service not available.

Missing or outdated drivers can give your monitor issues as well. If you have an integrated graphics output, you can plug into that output and update your video card’s drivers. Follow this procedure to manually install a monitor driver.

Make sure you have deleted every driver before you install new ones. Open the installation file once the driver has finished downloading. Intel provide automatic driver detection tools that helps to locate the appropriate driver. It will work if you are using Intel peripheral devices. The downloaded file is in zip file, extract the file and install using the setup file within the extracted driver folder this page. Then select your operating system, download the bluetooh driver listed.

Does Acer have a application to deliver latest driver updates?

Lenovo Drivers Update Utility TRIAL Lenovo Drivers Update Utility updates your system drivers for Lenovo Laptops automatically with just several clicks. It will scan your system first then download and install Lenovo official drivers to let your Lenovo… EPSON Drivers Update Utility TRIAL EPSON Drivers Update Utility updates your system drivers for EPSON Laptops automatically with just several clicks. It will scan your system first then download and install EPSON official drivers to let your EPSON Laptop…

Issues Concerning Driver Updates

For users currently using macOS® Big Sur 11.1~11.6.1 and macOS® Monterey 12.1~12.3.1 please read this documentation before downloading any driver. The Start menu has been significantly redesigned, replacing the “live tiles” used by Windows 8.x and 10 with a grid of “pinned” applications, and a list of recent applications and documents. Windows 11 ships with the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser (for compatibility with Google Chrome web browser), and does not include or support Internet Explorer. Windows 11 is the first version of Windows since the original retail release of Windows 95 to not ship with Internet Explorer. Microsoft claims performance improvements such as smaller update sizes, faster web browsing in “any browser”, faster wake time from sleep mode, and faster Windows Hello authentication. The Windows 11 name was accidentally released in an official Microsoft support document in June 2021.

Our review device lasts 5 h 6 m in our practically oriented Wi-Fi test, in which we run a script that simulates loads that are consistent with Internet browsing. The 17.3-inch laptop achieves a battery runtime of 5 h 53 m in our video test. In this test, we play the short film Big Buck Bunny (H.264, 1920×1080) in a continuous loop. My only solution was to use older version of windows where i don’t get my monitor freezing whenever I update the wrong driver.